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Modern Avatards with Wheels
Modern Avatards with Wheels
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Avatar Season 4 poster
Avatar-Elemental Masters

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Kataang-Shake It
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Kataang-Far Away
Download Kataang-Far Away
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RESURRECTION We are back from the dead! Lovin' this! It took over a year to find the files and databases associated with the site after I took it down in 2011. I'm back though, and this time to stay! Site still needs sprucing up so your not seeing error codes all over, but hey its mostly back. I am now significantly more experienced in computer science in general and am currently working on basically and far superior site called Unite the Anime! Check it out at unitetheanime.com.

Also we have noticed that this actually is not the most recent design the site had, its one of the newer ones, but not the newest so we are getting on that as well.

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I'm done dwelling on the past! I can't make guesses about how things would have turned out if I hadn't run away. I'm hear now and I'm going to make the most of it.

Favorite Character: Aang
Favorite Episode: Avatar Aang